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Reasons you should Work with me...

Need a jump start, or a quick focused  session for a targeted issue, and don't want the committment of a long-term coaching relationship at this time?

A STRATEGY SESSION IS THE ANSWER. They are budget-friendly, only -when-you-you-need -it coaching sessions. We laser focus on specific topics...whatever you need help with (and these       sessions are incredibly helpful!). 

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Tina Hunter's presence has made a significant impact in my life!! I appreciate how she uses her gifts and talents to truly motivate and empower! She provides honest feedback with proven strategies and tips that worksk!!  She follow up, follow thru and her accountability is amazing!  Tina makes a difference!

-Nova Inspires Adams

Tina has been my motivation, encouragement and inspiration always pushing me taking me out of my comfort zone. Pushing me to never settle for less go for what is mine.

Love you sis, don't stop doing what you do.

-Cassandra Lewis

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