Tina Hunter is a published Author, Empowerment Speaker, and CEO of Smoochez Boutique all while maintaining as executive position within the Federal Government. Tina is also a radio cohost and the visionary behind Motivate and Empower (M.E.) movement where she serves and support emergingemerging entrepreneurs. Tina also host annual networking events and create platforms for thought leaders to infuse their brands and provide tools to 

educate, inspire and encourage people. Tina is committed to acknowledging and bringing out the best in everyone she encounters. She spearheaded a group called “Fearlessly Me” tribe. The tribe benefit thru Tina’s weekly live virtual sessions titled “Tea Time with Tina” where she uses her daily experiences to motivate and empower.  As the owner of Smoochez Boutique, Tina takes delight in the 

opportunity to highlight beauty internally and externally. Tina’s motto is " it's time to rise up and gave your fears even when it seems impossible". Tina’s expertise as a stylist, led her to initiate the brand “High Heel Hustler.” High Heel Hustler represents a movement for entrepreneurial women who boldly live out their journey with courageously and confidently. This group of women are action oriented. They occasionally have mastermind moments and accountability partners. The High heel Hustler initiative salutes and promotes focused oriented women who deliver results and solutions all while maintaining style and grace. 

Tina has spoken on various of platforms, tele summits and panels. Her soul mission is to inspire women to shift their mindsets, declare their greatness, walk in faith and make the conscious decision to confidently fear less and faith more. Tina’s vulnerability of sharing her story motivates and empowers women to rise up and face the fears even when things seem impossible. Her vibrant personality and inviting tone ignites a spark among her audiences to 

take inspired action, and release the false self-limiting beliefs. Tina’s personal story is one of determination and resilience empowers others to live out the 

best version of themselves. Tina also host vision board events, coaching sessions and webinars. Her 

focused topic include : Empowering women to be fearless and moving them to their next.  Rather you coach with Tina, book her or collaborate with her, you are 

sure to get the straight up raw authentic truth.